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What's New
New and improved! More rope and cargo net challenges, and 2 new obstacles to go up and over. Better, bigger fire and more mud, less water. We think we have that down now ... first we had mud, then we had dirt, then we added water ... mud again, and then it rained and we had too much water. We are catching on, and you will leave muddy darn it, that's the point.

Directions on the Course:
Directions will be more clearly defined this year, and don't think you will be headed in the same direction...what fun would that be? We will have more volunteers and we will keep you on course and clearer arrows and signs as well as a map of the course at the beginning of the race.

More of that for sure! We know we have a variety of different type of participants in this race ... Some are gonna want to race ... some are gonna wanna run and some are there just for the party! We plan to accommodate all of these groups. For Racers we will have an elite heat at 9:30 if you want to get up and out in front. For runners we are going to have a great and challenging course that will keep you on your toes. We are also going to encourage those there for the party to stop at our watering hole and have a moment take a picture, enjoy the view ... have a drink get your heartbeat back somewhere under 100, talk about the frogs in the pond.
On line registration and payments should be easier as we have removed one of the steps...you don't have to leave the page blah, blah. Better, easier that's all you need to know. Registration packet pickup ... now here is an area that we have reinvented!!! First we must say Thank You for your patience with us. It was our first year and although we thought that part would go smoother ... wow were we wrong and for that we are sorry! What will be different you ask? Well first we are going to have more volunteers both before during and after and that means that if you know anyone who would like to help us send them our way. You will be able to pick up your registration packet in the days before the race at Family Enrichment Network on Cherry Street in Johnson City, NY. If you have a team with more than 10 racers we can arrange to have your packets dropped off to you if you are local. If you're not local and will be picking up your packets the day of we will have more lines and less people needing to get their packets ... it's going to be spectacular!

We have decided to use a race management company to time and post the race results. We are thrilled by this. They use specially designed chips and will be posting the results directly as you come in. Speed and accuracy, what more can we ask for!

We didn't seem to get you to stay around as long as we would have liked so we are moving our acts up. The music will start at around 10am and go until about 2 so you can all catch a little before you go find a hot shower and some icy-hot!

Please feel free to send us your suggestions and again we thank you for joining us!! For us this isn't just a great race because of you guys and all of the mud and the party and the music (although that really helps!). For us, this is also a chance to raise money for our programs and the families and children that we work with, that's really why this whole thing is happening! You're a big part of our awesomeness ... and don't forget it!!
Family Enrichment Network
Visions Federal Credit Union