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Where is it?
Broome -Tioga Sports Complex
50 Shaffer Road
Richford, NY (between Binghamton and Ithaca) 13835

- Click for Directions

When is it?
May 9, 2015 from 9am - 3pm

What is it?
A 5k timed mud/run with 12 challenging obstacles on rugged terrain with plenty of mud.

The distance:
This will be a measured 5k (3.1 miles) race with a bunch of obstacles added in.

$55.00 and then increasing in the weeks before the race.

To participate in the Kids K the cost is $25.00 for an adult and a child team, add $5.00 per extra child. For kids running by themselves the cost is $15.00.

Is available on site and costs $10.00.

Baggage check:
We will have a bag check available on site, but leave your valuables at home just in case.

The obstacles:
There will be 12 obstacles to include More Mud, More Mud, More Fire and Better bad Ass Obstacles like a rope climb and cargo net wall. They will scare you, they will intimidate you but they will not stop you!!! and for the realist in me...if you have to you can go around (but who wants to do that?)

The challenge:
Make it through all of the obstacles and run the race. If you have to go around an obstacle you can ...but you won't want to.

You have to be thirteen to participate in the big race, but we will have 2 kids races. One for ages 4-7 and the other for ages 8-12. Read more about the Mud Mountain "Kids K" here.

The after party
Will feature a days worth of music and adventures with beer, food and prizes for winners and adventurers alike. Have you looked at the band list yet....WOW!!! Showers ,Changing & bathrooms will be available on site...but remember this ain't no Four Seasons!

We love em but you will have to leave em...at home!

What do you get?
The registration fee includes: admission to the race and after party plus entry to watch the race and come to the after party for a guest, all of the music excitement and adventure that one day can hold, excitement, a snack, a t-shirt, something cold to drink at the end of the race. Bragging rights, bruises and euphoria come at no extra charge.

What does the race support?
All proceeds go to benefit Family Enrichment Network and their programs. FEN is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit.

The race is NOT coordinated and run by a third party with a small percentage of profits given to Family Enrichment Network. It is set up and managed by FEN with all profits benefiting local area programs.

Do I have to be in amazing shape?
The answer is no and if you are send me a note to tell me what heat you are in so I don't look bad. We encourage all participants to do their best and to take this course at their own fitness level...believe me I am not in great shape and just did one. I wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty but I thought I was Bruce Jenner when it was over!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

That said:
There are people with certain health conditions and fitness levels that aren't advised to run this race. You will have to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks and making sure that you have checked with your health care provider to make sure you are cleared to run. Pregnant woman are among the group that aren't advised to run...safety first! All registrants must be 13 years or older to run. We will have a Kids K race on the same day with some great and fun obstacles.

Awards will be presented to the top male and the top female participants with the lowest time, and the first male and female participants in each of the following age groups:
Mud Mountain Rock & Run will have an optional team component for all participants. The requirements are as follows: Teams must have at least 4 participants with at least one male and one female. The four fastest times from each teams (with at least one male and one female) will be added, and teams with the lowest total time wins.

There are two team categories: When signing a team up, please pick a unique name and provide a description. You may also add an optional password that team members will need to use join your team. Teams without passwords are considered public, and any person signing up will be able to join that team.

Teams can be joined or formed either at the time the entrant signs up or at any time after that by contacting us. Entrants cannot be a member of more that one team.

Family Enrichment Network
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