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The Mud Mountain Music Fest will run from 10 to 2 on May 9th, 2015. The concert is free to attend and refreshments will be sold on site.

The Bands
The Rhythm Gypsys
A Binghamton based band playing a mix of originals and rootsy songs that you just might recognize. The Rhythm Gypsys are the host band of the annual Rec Park Music Fest in Binghamton, NY. Come join these Gypsys after the race. The Rhythm Gypsys

Tumbleweed Highway
Inspired by everyone from Gram Parsons to W.C. Handy, Tumbleweed Highway brings a distinctly Mississippi sound with them wherever they play. There's a hearty dose of Memphis shuffle, a little Muscle Shoals boogie-woogie, and at the delta, a good liberal sprinkling of creole zydeco powder. Though the inspiration is the diminutive Chenango River, not the Big Muddy, it's still river music, after all: laid back, welcoming, a little bit wistful. You can't step in the same river twice, after all.

Playing mostly original songs penned by band leader Nate Gross, Tumbleweed Highway is partial to songs about tarnished love, barroom travails and triumphs, truckin', and good drinking weather. The verses are apt to make you think, and the choruses tend to soar with beery optimism, and when the lines are all sung, the Telecaster and pedal steel strings heat up fast.
Tumbleweed Highway

Grace's Ghost
Grace's Ghost build on the melodic & heartfelt foundation of Taunya Hamid's acoustic singer/songwriter approach to mold an indie roots-rock sound all their own. Slyly sliding between rousing and reflective, then back again, Grace's Ghost aims to mesmerize you with their original yet familiar and inviting sound. The band is: Taunya Hamid (vocals & guitar), Rich Kennicutt (keyboards), Mike Thompson (bass), and Chuck Kozlowski (drums). Grace's Ghost

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